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I’ve been playing with a few Twitter spin-offs this week, TwitterFeed and TwitPic. The first allows you to automatically post items on an RSS feed to your Twitter account, while TwitPic allows you to post your pictures to your Twitter account via a mobile device, email or web interface.

Both of these web apps are pretty much one trick ponies, but they both do their job fairly well. I tried out TwitterFeed after looking for an easy way to post my blog posts straight to Twitter and found a list of Twitter WordPress plugins (so now you can follow spacerdotgif on Twitter). There’s a few other WordPress plugins out there that allow you to do similar things, but after trying a few and finding they broke my WordPress plugin admin panel I tried TwitterFeed instead.

It seems to be working well enough so far and has a few options like how often TwitterFeed should check for updates, how many to post on Twitter and in what order. It will also post a link directly to your post using a TinyURL. I guess I’ll see how it goes with this service and if/when it lets me down take a closer look at getting a self hosted WordPress plugin to do the job.

TwitPic has been in the news this week, even making it onto the BBC News headlines after blogger Janis Krums used it to post a picture of the aftermath of the US Airways jet which crash landed on the Hudson River off Manhattan, New York and beating the major news networks to the sean.

The app has its uses and allows you to post to your Twitter account via your own unique Twitpic email address and PIN. Handy if you’re out and about and inadvertently become part of a world news event. Shouldn’t have thought I’ll actually get round to using this app but worth a look all the same.

You can find a whole lot more Twitter related apps on Twitter’s wiki.

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